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Focus Areas

The Company Focuses in Systems Integrations for the following Sectors:

  1. Banking & Finance
  2. Revenue Collection & Administration
  3. Transport & Road Administration
  4. Energy & Power Development
  5. Health, Safety & Environment


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Cyclone IDAI Disaster Management Resources - 2019
Cyclone IDAI Disaster Management Resources - 2019

27 March, 2019 by Administrator

As part of our Corporate Social...

Revenue Mobilisation in the wake of Cyclone IDAI
Revenue Mobilisation in the wake of Cyclone IDAI

22 March, 2019 by Administrator


Part 1 - Zimbabwe-Establishment-of-an-Inter-Bank-Foreign-Exchange-Market-to-restore-competitiveness
Part 1 - Zimbabwe-Establishment-of-an-Inter-Bank-Foreign-Exchange-Market-to-restore-competitiveness

21 February, 2019 by Tjiyapo Velempini

The Zimbabwe Reserve Bank (RBZ) announced...

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About Us

A Systems Integration Company with a global span but acting locally in the SADC / COMESA Regions of Africa.

"Banking Transformation" - We firmly believe that the future of Banking & Finance in Africa is fully dependent on how fast and deep we will embrace the digital revolution. As such, we are engaging the banks on strategic partnership opportunities that will leverage on their current infrastructure but also create viable upgrade options going into the future. We are convinced that the Banking Seector should concentrate on their core business leaving the management of the fast and ever changing technology stack to the technology companies - like ours.

"From Infomality to Infomality" - We are focused on reducing informality in the economies through strategic partnerships with high impact players in the economies. This includes Governments, Labour Unions and Movements, Churches / Religious Organisations, Industry groupings / clusters and Student Unions. We provide all these entities with systems to organise and grow their membership whilst at the same time encouraging the growth of the service sector through strategic economic  linkages. key examples are the work we are doing with the "Infomal Traders" in Zambia and Zimbabwe through the auspices of the United Street Vendors Foundation Cooperative Society (USVEF) and the National Vendors Union of Zimbabwe (NVUZ) respectively.

"The Banking Revolution" - We are championing the use of "Non-Cash" transacting channels and mediums to bring banking / economic services and a culture of saving to the previously unbanked. We believe this will usher in a new renaisance in how the african markets are formulated and governed going into the future.

"The Retail Sector Transformation" - This is the key sector in the current make up of Industry and Commerce in Sub-Saharan Africa. We are working on innovative solutions that are heralding a new relationship between sector players (from Retail Chains to the Smallest Trader) with the State / National Revenue Collection agencies. This is based on Online transaction sharing and monitoring by the National Revenue Authorities. This is achieved through the use of software and dedicated hardware devices specifically designed for this operating environment. It is hoped that this interaction will eventually lead to better economic management decision making, productivity and reduction of waste or dumping tendencies.

"Revenue Assurance Programmes" - This is  a new trend coming at the back of the Technology revolution. we carry out tailor made revenue assurance and benchmarking programmes for the Telecommunications Companies, Banks and Governments based on your specific requirements. Data validation is based on datasets that span the whole globe in terms of global location. It also covers operations of diverse back grounds and size.



The Company with its base in Lusaka, Zambia currently has a presence in the following African Countries:

  • Malawi
  • South Africa
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe

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